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If you like Cajun cooking, these books should be on your shelves!

No Baloney On My Boat

The new book: NO BALONEY ON MY BOAT is a cookbook filled with dozens of recipes for tasty foods that can be prepared in advance for outdoor adventures---fishing, sailing, boating and camping. It's a small, portable cookbook that's easy to carry around. Buy It Here.

When we gathered for Sunday dinners or holiday meals, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends joined us for perfectly roasted chicken, rice dressing, baked sweet potatoes and homemade pecan pie.

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Many weekends during the summer months was spent at our humble but comfortable camp on the banks of Catahoula Lake located near the Atchafalaya Basin. There we enjoyed fish-fries, seafood boils, and barbecues with all the appropriate side dishes like Mama's potato salad with homemade mayonnaise, smothered eggplant with shrimp, maque choux (smothered fresh corn off the cob) and lots of homegrown vegetables---tomatoes, okra, stuffed bell peppers and stuffed mirlitons.

If we weren't at the Catahoula camp, we could be found at the camp at Cypremort Point on Vermilion Bay. There our meals were supplied from the bay or the nearby Gulf of Mexico. Our nets (baited with chicken necks) brought in beautiful blue crabs which were boiled or plunked into a rich gumbo. Freshly-caught shrimp could be fried, boiled or made into a cool salad plopped on top of thick slices of tomatoes. Ah, and the fish---speckled trout, redfish, red snapper and flounder---all found their way into our pots on the old stove in the big kitchen.

Who's your mama

The WHO'S YOUR MAMA, ARE YOU CATHOLIC AND CAN YOU MAKE A ROUX? is one that's close to my heart. My family's life revolved around food and this book is all about that! Buy It Here.

Who's your mama Book 2

WHO'S YOUR MAMA, ARE YOU CATHOLIC & CAN YOU MAKE A ROUX (BOOK 2) contains about 100 Cajun and Creole recipes, plus old photos and interesting stories about the authorís growing up in the Cajun country of south Louisiana. Buy It Here.

stir the pot

STIR THE POT: THE HISTORY OF CAJUN CUISINE tells you how the cuisine developed in south Louisiana. A great read for both foodies and history buffs. Buy It Here.

cajun cookingCAJUN COOKING FOR BEGINNERS is just that. Anyone of any age can cook out of this handy book. Buy It Here.





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